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Froy is a sustainable knitwear project born in 2018 and established in Milan by Arman Avetikyan.
Combining different cultures, architectures and means of expression, Froy paints a new world to reach looking for common roots.
Through its collections, Froy tells everyday life stories, populated by characters that embody vices and virtues of contemporary society.
Based on cultural exchange of ideas and inspirations, the polyhedric aesthetic of Froy switches between different realities to define a new expressive matrix and explore knitwear and fabric possibilities.
The distinctive approach consists in finding original solutions by mixing high quality materials and yarns. Working with a sustainable ethic, Froy reconciles traditional know how and innovative techniques to create hybrid, versatile and speaking surfaces.

A stolen, forbidden name meaning everything and nothing at the same time.


Froy Abstract Aesthetic Paint Graphic


Froy celebrates traditional elements from different cultures through yarns and colours, highlighting common human roots.
Froy Architecture Geometric Graphic


The architecture studies of the designer develops on fabric into cuts, prints and geometric intarsia.
Froy Camouflage Characters Graphic Pattern


Nine personalities, lives, people populate the Froy world and tell stories through jacquards, graphics and art installations.

Born in Armenia and grew up in Russia, Arman Avetikyan began his studies in Architecture and specialized in Fashion Design.

In 2009 he started to work with knitwear and create Froy as personal artistic project.

In 2014 he moved to Milan, where he continued his studies graduating in Knitwear Design.

In 2018 he relaunched his knitwear project and won the third edition of the Talents Lineapiù.

Thanks to years of experience in the knitting industry, he continued his personal and professional growth through graduation and specialization, while working with well-known international brands such as Oakley, Giorgio Armani, NET a Porter and Massimo Piombo.

Since 2020 he has been in charge of the luxury section of Colombo Industrie Tessili.

Froy Designer Founder Portrait
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