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Froy works with a different sensibility to sustainability.
Not just the idea, but the pragmatic application of sustainability has always been a priority for the brand. We use italian certified fabrics and yarns that meet the european standards.

We always choose the highest possible number of natural materials to create high-quality products with a circular life.

We also work on retraining yarns and dismissed fabrics.

Froy gives these materials new life, upgrading them through avant-garde manipulations.


In occasion of Milano Fashion Week FW21/22 in February 2021, Froy has been selected as Designer for the Planet by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.


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Froy Sustainable Fashion Brand Embroidery Jacquard
Made in Italy
Froy Made in Italy Fashion Brand Handmade Embroidery


Froy garments are designed and produced in Italy, such as yarns and fabrics that we use for our collections.

Froy strongly believes in enhancing local production and creating high quality pieces through an ethical chain.

We collaborate with Italian small to medium artisanal realities that still have the know how of traditional methods. The aim is to put together this historical background and modern pragmatism, in a conscious and respectful way.


Our signature characters are people from the world, stereotypes that embody virtues and sins of the human being. According to this fascination for people, our vision embraces all the expressions of “being”.

Froy is a knitwear brand that just wants to dress people.
We don’t like labels, but we are usually defined as gender fluid by others.

Knitwear has not a gender connotation, it dresses a body, simple as that.

Froy Fashion Brand Caring for People
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